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Traditional Appetizers

Pate Sandwiches :
Roast Beef ( flavorful roast beef made into a pate )
Chicken ( baked chicken seasoned with our rub and made into pate)
Fish (  spicy or mild salmon made into pate)
Veggie( seasoned cucumber)

Assorted wings:
 Jerk , BBQ, honey baked, fried, grilled

Fried lobster with dipping sauce

Belizean meat pies

Fruit, veggies cheese trays

smoked salmon with red onions and capers on toast

conch fritters with dipping sauce

Meatballs ( BBQ, sweet and spicy)

Ceviche: shrimp, conch

Stuffed mushrooms

Contemporary  Appetizers

BBQ chicken ( made with our homemade rub and BBQ sauce)
Jerk chicken ( spicy marinated pulled chicken topped with cucumber salsa.)
Salmon BLT ( baked salmon topped with bacon lettuce and tomato)

Thai chili salmon ( baked salmon with Thai chili sauce)

Pulled pork ( made with our homemade rub and sauce)

Jerk pulled pork ( spicy pork with cucumber salsa)

Brisket (  pulled tender beef brisket with our homemade BBQ sauce)

Assorted Skewers:
Cilantro chili chicken
Coconut curry
sweet and spicy
Garlic butter
sweet and spicy
Veggie and cheese

Caribbean shrimp with Plantains

Assorted Empanadas:
Black bean and plantain
BBQ chicken
Adobo chicken

Mini crab cakes with garlic chive sauce

Creole fried or sautéed shrimp

Jerk shrimp , chicken tacos with slaw

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