Welcome to our corporate catering page!!! 
We are here to make your day less stressful with great food and service. MBG can help you focus on your meeting, staff training or any office event by taking care of your nutritional needs.

This menu feeds 15 to 20 people, if you have a larger  or smaller group or if you need your meal individually package please give us a call at 917-480-9824, ask for  Tara.

Free delivery with 10 miles in N.J.

 For $20 per person ( 10 person min, choose 1 tray option,plus 1 lunch on a stick or quesadilla or wrap or full pan option, plus 1 side)

Lite lunch menu

 fresh mozzarella cheese, basil ,tomato, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar
 $ 80.00

salami, prosciutto ,olives, cheese ,crackers grilled veggies.

Assorted seafood:
 shrimp ( we can prepare in a variety of ways), smoked salmon with capers and red onions, assorted crackers)
 $ 173.00

Fruit platter: 
 assorted Fruits , cheddar and pepper jack cheese.

Lunch on a stick!!

chicken ( bourbon, bbq, jerk, grilled, orange ginger, honey bbq, Cajun, lemon pepper) $125.00

shrimp ( bbq, jerk,, Cajun, grilled, cocktail, lemon pepper, scampi) $180.00

rainbow salmon ( salmon with assorted peppers and onions) $180.00

Ham & pineapple $ 125
Spicy island wrap (  pulled jerk chicken, lettuce,tomatoes, habanero lime cream sauce) $125.00

Pulled BBQ chicken wrap ( our bzsoco bbq chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, bbq ranch sauce) $125.00

Salmon salad wrap ( grilled salmon, lettuce, tomatoes, Dill cream sauce) $150.00


Hawaiian ham $125.00 ( baked ham, grilled pineapple, cheese)

Caribbean $140.00 ( grilled chicken, grilled pineapple salsa, cheese)

veggies and cheese $125.00

cheese $125.00

BBQ beef brisket $ 150.00

BBQ Chicken $140.00

BBQ pulled pork $140.00

Meals: full size pan

Chicken: $ 80.00

honey baked, BBQ, bourbon, grilled, jerk, coconut curry, tarragon roast

Boneless chicken breast $125.00

Grilled, BBQ, Grilled caprese, bourbon, jerk. honey baked

Pork: $90.00
roast pork shoulder

BBQ spare ribs ( saint Louis cut) $ 150.00
pulled pork

Seafood ( salmon, shrimp) $180.00
grilled, Thai chili, coconut curry, Cajun butter, garlic butter

Louisiana pasta $80.00 ( homemade

Cajun cream sauce and pasta)

pasta primavera $80.00

pasta salad $60.00

macaroni salad $50.00

baked macaroni and cheese $80.00

vegetable rice $40.00

coconut white rice $40.00

yellow rice  $40.00

rice and beans $40.00

Spanish rice $40.00

green beans in wine and garlic $40.00

broccoli $40.00

cabbage $40.00

prices subject to change

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