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  Private Chef

Experiencing a private chef for dinner or brunch is like stepping into a world of gastronomic luxury. It's an exclusive culinary affair where your personal preferences and cravings take center stage. Whether it's an intimate dinner for two or a lavish brunch with friends, the private chef experience elevates your meal into an unforgettable, indulgent occasion. Customers can choose from this menu or they can create their own. The private chef starts at $500.



Garlic butter Tbone steak
Cajun creamy pasta ( add shrimp or chicken)

Bourbon glazed pan seared Salmon


Lamb chops

Signature Honey glazed chicken


Stuffed shrimp with spinach artichoke dip

Signature Soca wings

Sweet & spicy beef tips

crab cakes

Greek salad

House Salad

Jerk chicken sliders

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